Writing Stories as a Community!

Hello readers! I think readers all over the world have a tiny wish that they could one day create a book, spilling their ideas and experiences for others to love and fangirl/fanboy about!

That’s why I took the challenge of creating a community where anyone can comment their ideas and between the group of ‘commenters’ we could create our own little short story based on the prompt’s provided in my pictures and captions. (Pictures found by myself on Pinterest & Captions wrote by myself)

I created it under the name of ‘itsourstorynow’ on Instagram – link: https://www.instagram.com/itsourstorynow/

The aim for this account is for people to gain inspiration in their own novels (for fun or serious) It’s also to encourage creative writing and improve it! (I don’t give any tips but doing daily prompts and seeing others comments is sure to up the level) MOST IMPORTANTLY it’s to gain friends and share ideas!

It’s like a little chain.

I post the picture and the prompt,

Someone comments,

Another person replies to their comment,

Then I continue it on,

and it goes like that.

Back and fourth until we’ve got ourselves and interesting character, storyline and a back story!

After every 9th post the ‘theme’ of the pictures change – so far with only starting a week ago the themes have been – ‘Woodland’, ‘Pirates & Mermaids’ & ‘Sci-fi’ (Please comment at the bottom of this post if you have any suggestions of themes)







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