YA Novel

Something Wicked…

Something Wicked is a book for anyone who loves the supernatural and all the dark lust and evil which comes with the nightlife they live in.
There are lots of elements to this book, quite literally!
Witches being able to control the weather and cause mass destruction! T.r.kester explains every fight and every earth shattering experience in this book to the max. I’m reading it and I feel as though I am there in the middle of all the chaos! Which is amazing, every punch throwing I’m scrunching up my face as if I could feel the impact myself!
But it wasn’t all brutal, their is a lot of beautiful description throughout the book about the characters themselves – I must admit I highlighted a whole two pages at one point because the words t.r.kester used to describe everything were stunning and read almost like poetry!
The start of the book was very promising, likewise the interesting ending! However I do feel throughout the middle section of the book I got a little lost by the mass amount of characters and all their supernatural powers, although saying that there is a character profile blog at the back of the book! But throughout this sections of the book I felt like this book would really work well as a TV program, maybe it would be easier to follow in that way as you’d be able to recognise faces more and see their powers etc.
Yet saying that I still enjoyed the experience and getting to know the main characters, I can not wait to see how things will turn out in the next book as everything has quite literally gone crazy and I don’t know how they can pull it all together!
It’s definitely worth the read if you are into the dark nightlife of the supernatural begins!

You can find the author on instagram at @t.r.kester and more importantly buy this fab book on amazon!!


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