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Wunderkids – Oh the WUNDERS of this book…

Could this be the next BIG SHOT Netflix Series?… Because in my honest opinion, this book has every chance of becoming that big!

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Snap from my Insta – how gorgeous is this cover?

First of all let me give you the low down on this book – set in a jaw dropping mountains of California, Wildwood Academy One of the undoubtfully most prestigious boarding schools in the country, Sits. Quite happily, with their stick rules and exceptional students all lead by The Dean.

Nikka is the main character, aged 15 and is used to packing up her stuff and moving town with her ambitions mother whom she loves very dearly. The two of them have a very unique relationship since Nikkas fathers death in war. Nikka has an incredible gift where she can remember anything from glance, her art is beyond anyone else’s – This was her lucky talent which got her into Wildwood.

However during her time at Wildwood, things come to the surface – unpleasant and dark things. Which eventually Nikka makes the decision that her life and those she lovers are in danger.

The writing in this book pleasantly surprised me!

Jacky’s writing meets the standard of those who write bestsellers, something I think this book has the potential to achieve in June when the paperback comes out! But there’s something so effortless when you read her writing, it flows and makes the book fast paced. Their are some beautiful lines of description, never the pass passages of text which you sometimes find in books. You as a reader are able to paint the picture clearly in your head with every scene written, like Nikka painting every detail in her batailisme classes.


In this book there is the best unique group of friends. Something you wouldn’t normally see in real life because of how unusual the mix is, however saying that it is a very realistic in the book because of the type of school they go too. Basically no one is ‘normal’ Which I think is great. As they all have different personalities making them bounce of each other but sometimes not in a good way too.

They all have their flaws, own insecurities and hearts, making them real and characters who we can actually relate to and understand their actions.

What I love about each character is their own different sense of humour, it’s hilarious and the ‘banter’ between them all just makes you laugh out loud when reading.

“A gambler and a thief,” she whispered, “How very Poetic”

There is romance in this book which is mysterious and has your toes curling and has you biting you lips with excitement and ‘fangirl/boy’ None of it seems forced like sometimes a ‘love triangle is’ the tense between the two boys after Nikka’s heart also is very funny and makes it harder for you as a reader to chose who you’d prefer or as in our fangirl/boy language – ‘our ship’ & ‘one true partner’

I personally just love them both!

The Dark Twisting Story

The first half of the book – Is more focused on developing the friendships and Nikka ‘finding her feet’ in the new school. However there a odd things which keep happening and you start to question what is it?

The final half of the book – When you hit halfway through book you will not be able to put the book down. I could almost bet on it! Everything starts to make sense, the author really pulls things together, IN A VERY DRAMATIC WAY! But its great! It’s fast paced, you feel like your physically running with them! If your anything like me your face will pull many expressions while reading, I almost cried and choked on my own breathe at one point!

Staring – 5/5 stars!

This book deserves every inch of those five stars, if you love romance, mysterious, dystopian, thrilling funny stories I’d 100% recommend!


This book is on ebooks and amazon, simply search ‘wunderkids’ – Jacqueline Sylvester! It’s currently only 99p!!

In June the book will be out in paperback – so expected many more pictures on here and my Instagram with the beautiful cover!

The author is also planning on making ‘bookish candles’ and other merch for this book, which I definitely will be buying!

You can find the author on Instagram at – jchoulji

Hope you enjoyed this review, leave comments if you’ve read it or plan on doing so!

love Jessica




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