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WB #1 – April Wrap Up?

The reason why I’m questioning this ‘Wrap up’ is because I feel as though I didn’t really read much…

Although I did. But me being me, couldn’t stick at one at just one book. Oh I sound like such a book whore. But it’s true!


PreTty ShOckING! :

  • 1 book read (wunderkinds)
  • 2 books half read (celestial & Book Thief)
  • 1 reread not read but HALF read (acomaf)
  • 1 book NOT EVEN TOUCHED! (Hollow City)

I had planned to finish of Celestial which I started ages ago, Hollow City (though I was only 5 pages in)Β and my re-read of Acomaf ( In preparation for Acowar ) (OH MY DAYS)


Decided to pick up The Book Thief and Wunderkids by Jacqueline Silvster..

I only managed to finish Wunderkids (FAB 5 STAR WATCH OUT FOR WRITTEN REVIEW SOON)

Next month will be so much better, because ACOWAR!


4 thoughts on “WB #1 – April Wrap Up?”

      1. Ohhh, I cried during the book and the movie and I’m not usually a crier.
        PS: I found your blog through your gorgeous instagram account. You’re seriously goals, ahah x

        Liked by 1 person

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