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Everything, Everything Review! (SF)

Oh how I want everything from this book!

I had to have these colourful roses in the picture! Snap from my Instagram!

First of all I’m going to tell you all that I broke a world record! For me – Jessica! BECAUSE I actually read this book in two hours! Now if that doesn’t show how amazing this book is and how it takes everything from you, then I’m sure if you read on you’ll understand!


Soon to be 18 years old Maddy still hasn’t stepped a foot outdoors and why? Because of her rare condition which in her words means if she were to step outdoors ‘My head would explode. Or my lungs. Or my heart.” Or at least that is what she says when she jokes with Olly. The boy next door – who changes her whole view on life and on how to live it.

What I loved about this book!

Was definitely Nicola Yoon’s unique style of writing. Well, for me only just starting to really read more contemporary novels it was an unique book to read. It did have comparisons to ‘where rainbows end’ by Cecelia Ahern In the fact some parts were writing in the style of emails and instant messenger. But this book was so much more than just those two forms. It had the normal first POV from Maddy’s eyes but also Daily Health Logs, Old Diary Entries, Online Web Screenshots, Neighbourhood Watch, Project Drawings and my favourite Maddy’s reviews on books…

Life is Short – Picture by me.

They are so funny to read and are little round offs or an hint of what the next chapter will be like!

I think this unique style of writing really makes the book fast paced and makes you understand Maddy more as a person than just a character in a book…


The main character is obviously Maddy, then there’s Olly, then Carla Maddy’s nurse who is like a second ‘mom’ to Maddy and finally her mother who loves her with all her heart.

A snap from google of the actors playing Olly and Maddy in the upcoming movie! DID I MENTION THERE WILL BE A MOVIE?:D

Maddy sure wasn’t the only girl falling for Olly, am I right readers?

I felt as though the character ‘Olly’ was a bit of a cliché ‘grunge, all in black, super hot kind of guy with a mysterious backstory’ BUT did I care about this? No! I think if he was different from this typical image and persona I probably wouldn’t like him as much as I do now! His character didn’t change Maddy, it was the love between them which opened her eyes and allowed her never to go back or have less… she wanted everything.

I was genuinely surprised with the character Maddy, in a good way! Throughout the book you see her grow and become stronger in many different ways. It’s like watching her mature in your mind into a young adult, despite the fact we all know that love can make you naïve.

Her uniqueness and difference from most girls her age is what made her seem unrealistic but realistic? She didn’t care about body image about how her thighs were curvy yet she still liked to wear things which complimented her. Which in the sad truth of society these days because for some girls more than likely body image becomes an obsession you see it all over the media. Yet Maddy has something special about her in the fact that something like body image doesn’t bother her, she just wants to breathe the air that we all do.

And if I’m honest I don’t really know how to explain it, because Maddy is unique and I think that may be why I adore her and see her more as a person than just a character like I said before, you really get a understanding of who she is in this book and that’s kind of magical. Because Nicola Yoon didn’t hide anything, which made rooting for Maddy so simple and sweet.

Staring – 4.9/5!

The only let down in this book was the ending. I’m not going to spoil it for you, you have to read it to find out what I mean. I just hope that in the movie they extend it a bit, because this book will make you want everything from it and that was the only part where it lacked… But I guess it just made us hunger for more.


Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoyed!

Love Jessica,



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