The story of love, hidden in our galaxies…

 @itsourstorynow. About two weeks ago I posted a ‘space theme’ I was so happy with everyone’s ideas but this story really blew me away. It is truly amazing! Thank you @zaib9900 (he is blue) & @caitiesbookcorner (she is green) and I am black! I found the picture from Pinterest I got #feysand feels. Prompt by me! 

Now, please enjoy!

The embrace was a merging of souls. From a distance you couldn’t tell where one person started and the other ended.

Softly she cried into him, she was his trigger and he loved her for it.

Boys don’t cry. They aren’t meant for it. They are a heartless species which are born to be strong, athletic and ruthless.

But oh, how he cried holding her.

Holding onto his galaxy.


In the whirlpool of your mind, I am drowning deeper than deeper, where my thoughts still mourning the death and my tears, they always fall over the grave of my love.

 I couldn’t handle it. She was the only thing keeping me sane. The tears poured from my eyes as I looked up at her. She was the human incarnation of perfection, the most beautiful and perfect person to ever exist.

I tried to hold on, but she was slipping through my grip. Floating back up to the sky, back to the world she was in-prisoned in. But in that moment I didn’t care what had happened in the past, or what our doomed future had in store for us. As long as I had her, everything was worth it.

Even if I lost myself in the journey she’ll bring me back.

This woman in front of me was my anchor, the only thing keeping me from getting lost. 

 And I loved her for it.

She was my entire universe. 

I couldn’t live without her – to live without her would be madness.

She has a raging, volcanic, phoenix soul… which is fiercer than the sun. 

So much brave even lions bow to her bravery.

She shines like a pearl upon the seven seas.

She works through pain and hides it and smiles like she became inspiration and a ray of stories, even pain itself tells her stories. 

Calm like cold breeze of winter.

It was like art was describing her.

And the best thing about all of that is she was mine, and I am hers.

To be with her made me the luckiest man alive. Yet in this very moment it didn’t feel as if I was alive. All time had stopped and the world evolved around her. The young woman she used to be was gone. The woman in front of me was the strongest most gorgeous thing I had ever seen. I would never let her go. 

But what if she has to or he had to?

In the end when the day comes, the last breathe, when the memories collides with the feeling in your brain, when every pore of you shrieking ‘don’t go I won’t let you’ but one must has to then how can you deal with the inevitable? 

There was no choice. If one of us had to go then both of us would go. There was no way I was letting the only thing I love slip away. We didn’t come separately, we came together.

She claimed me as much as I claimed her and god help anyone who tried to break us apart.

She has reminded me the answer which I had forgotten, the fear of losing her clouded my mind but her love was like the first ray of sun after the wild storm she has given me what my ears were thirsty for, it wasn’t just the two bodies who felt in love it was our souls and even after death our love will, will go on.

I would search though every world and every universe until I would find her again. We were unbreakable. Through the darkest parts of hell and the brightest parts of heaven I would go. Just to find my one true love. We were like two sides of the same coin.

She was life, good and whole.

I was death, bad and broken.

 Together we were the only solid thing ever to be seen.

 “Christian,” Her voice awoke me from my mind, she peeled back from the embrace only enough so our eyes could connect. The violet of them was like the nights sky, they had the misty glaze of the night’s atmosphere but glittered godly, “You need to go, it’s not safe here,”

 “But you-“

 “Christian, sh” She placed a finger on his lips, “I can find you again. Just look up to the stars, I’ll be waiting and watching,”

 As she fades away with the last light of the moon, filling up the hollow shell to carry on the burden of what he lost. Sitting next to her grave feeding the pigeons but not in tears, not in sorrow, not in grief,

Because she was holding his hand and sitting right next to him the feeling of her soul around him made him smile.

For a while he thought she had gone. But she had never left. She was always with him. Watching over him and waiting for him to find her. There love was undying and they would find each other no matter what.

 In the end peace grasped them both.

And if you look up in the sky on a starry night, you will find their love in the constellations. 

 Thank you so much for Bobby & Caitlin again who created this beautiful love story, I can not expression how touching it is and raw! 

Please leave comments if you wish, until next time x 


4 thoughts on “The story of love, hidden in our galaxies…”

      1. I honestly don’t know what it is about it, it’s kinda like when your reading it your kinda just swaying, which sounds stupid but legitimately is the only way I can think of describing it

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