Caraval Book Review

Remember, it’s only a game…

One crucial piece of information to remember while reading Caraval following the twisting fantasy story written by the incredible Stephanie Garber.

If you have read the synopsis you will know the story follows the story of two sisters – Scarlet & Tella. Two sisters who have never left the tiny Island of Trisda but have been longing to experience the Caraval. Things change when one day they get delivered an invitation admiting the pair of them tickets and another for Scarlet’s court arranged fiancé – although things don’t go to plan and the sisters end up at the Caraval with a sailer called Julian who is not Scarlets future partner. But regardless Scarlet is left with Julian while they search to find Tella. But things dramatically change when the aim of the game this year is to actually find Tella as she’s been ‘kidnapped’ But real or not Scarlet must find her or Tella will disappear forever.

Map of Caraval

Stephanie Garber with her twisting story line and addictive characters saved me from my reading slump… but however I worry now she may have also created me to be stuck in the Caraval, replaying the story over and over again like the 5 nights of the Caraval.

Garber wrote the whole story in Scarlets POV, however you felt as though you knew both sisters equally as well, this was done to the incredible sisterbond Garber created clearly shown in Scarlets thoughts and actions with Tella. From myself having a sister as well I could relate to the bond and it didn’t surprise me that when I researched Garber that she has a sister as well.

It wasn’t just the belivable sisterbond it was the characters themselves whom Garber developed throughout the book amazingly changing them from weak to strong and vulnerable to untouchable. If you love #strongfemalecharacters this book has two of them!

Book photoshoot. Showing the alternate cover for Caraval.


Not only did I find the Dragna sisters great but the mysterious characters whom you meet throughout Scarlets search for clues during the Caraval. We meet Julian, Dante & the Legend… Garber creates confusion for Scarlet between these three handsome characters in many different ways. Just as you start to think you know them and what they are up too she throws you completely off course making you search desperately through the dialogue and their actions like your the player searching for clues yourself!

With the ‘Magic’ of the book it reminded me of Walt Disney in more than one way as if it was just a theme park! Castillo Maldito a castle of sorts on its own island reminded me much of the famous Disney Castle because of how magically it is, The Carousel of Roses could simple be a ride in the park? The people playing the game with Scarlet could just be tourists wanting to meet and watch the fantastic performers?  The boy selling the magic cider with the monkey on his shoulder… was he inspired by Alladin?

If this allowed me to write more I think I would write a whole book on how amazing this book was. Without doubt 5/5 stars. I recommend it to anyone who loves magical storylines with lots of twists and a bit of romance throwing in!

Please feel free to leave your own comments on this book below! I hope you enjoyed my review as much as I did writing it!


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